Feeling Blessed

So here I am sitting out on my back porch eating breakfast as I watch the kitties and Mr. Pepper play.

Nothing brings me more joy than to watch everyone get along.

No matter what's going on in my day, I make sure to eat out here every morning, unless there's a thunderstrom, and even then, it's still possible.

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So today started like any other day.

Unfortunately the first thing I do is pick up my talking device to see what time it is.
6 a.m.
I tend to get up early as the sun turns into a ball of fire in these parts by 8 a.m., sometimes earlier.
I go about my morning cleaning litter boxes, filling water and food bowls, and generally cleaning up kitty messes around the house.
In case you didn’t know, I work in the rescue community, and when I moved to the desert, I didn’t realize the kitty over population problem  here. Mind you, I brought four kitties of my own when I moved. But, I’m the kind of gal who puts food and water out on the back patio when I see any critter that looks like it may need sustenance.

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Max, Mr. Pepper & Mom

Right now as I’m attempting to write my first blog for this site, I have my little dog, Mr. Pepper, with his paw on my right arm. His cute kitty companion named Max, on my left, and both want my complete and undivided attention.

No matter how many times you swish them away, they come right back to you, ready for more. Max loves to rub herself against my computer screen and keyboard, messing up my typing in one way or another.

Not that I'm a great typist to begin with. Suffice it to say, this blog may take longer to write than I expected.

Both Max and Mr. Pepper are rescues. I have a few rescue animals in my home - mostly kitties - that I’m sure I’ll be writing about on occasion, as they are definitely a part of my everyday life and a great source of joy to me. There’s nothing better than coming home to critters who are happy to see you.

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