So today started like any other day.

Unfortunately the first thing I do is pick up my talking device to see what time it is.
6 a.m.
I tend to get up early as the sun turns into a ball of fire in these parts by 8 a.m., sometimes earlier.
I go about my morning cleaning litter boxes, filling water and food bowls, and generally cleaning up kitty messes around the house.
In case you didn’t know, I work in the rescue community, and when I moved to the desert, I didn’t realize the kitty over population problem  here. Mind you, I brought four kitties of my own when I moved. But, I’m the kind of gal who puts food and water out on the back patio when I see any critter that looks like it may need sustenance.

So here we are.
Next, I can’t forget to brush and floss !!!

Then breakfast, which these days consists of a half of an English muffin with peanut butter, some yogurt, fruit, and a beverage of some sort, usually ice tea or water. A friend of mine has me trying Black Living Water that’s supposed to be made out of dirt. I know what you’re thinking, she drinks dirt ?

Yes, I drink dirt, but it’s for health reasons, and I’ll get into that at another time.
I love to eat on the back patio by the pool and watch the kitties play along with my little rescue dog, Mr. Pepper. The morning isn’t complete until you get kisses from Mr. Pepper. He’s also the guardian of the breakfast table, as you know how kitties can get around food. I have one teenage kitty in particular named Magic. He’s a rescue from a friend of mine who owns Paws Pet ranch in Morongo Valley. Its a sanctuary for older, ill or unwanted pets. It started with just saving dogs, but now we save everything that breathes it seems, even finding homeless people with pets, housing.
But anyway, Magic is very aggressive around food even though I keep bowls of dry food all around the house, and he’s not starving by any means, and is in perfect health.
I don’t know what it is, but you cannot get up to go to any other part of the house without him following you thinking you might be going to the kitchen to get something yummy. I’m hoping he grows out of this phase as he gets older.
O.K., time for a shower and to hit a few appointments !
See you next time…


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