About the Photographer

Corlyce Olivieri, Photographer
Corlyce Olivieri, Photographer

Born on the Beach

I was born into an Italian-American family and raised in Santa Cruz, California. My family made a living from commercial fishing, and there couldn’t have been a better life than growing up by the beach. We rode our bikes everywhere and knew almost everyone in our community.

As an adult, I worked in the entertainment industry, spending the last 20 years as a stage technician in the Silicon Valley. My mom gave me a camera as a Christmas gift about 15 years ago, and I found that I loved the art of photography. When my mother was dying of cancer, I used my gift to fill her hospital room with images of everything she thought was beautiful—gardens, cats, sunsets, and family members.

Later, I retired from the entertainment industry when my father passed away. The last tie to the town where I was raised—Santa Cruz—was gone, and I finally felt free to leave. I moved to the desert and took on photography as a full-time career. Moving away from the ocean and my community was a huge change, but I’ve found that change is good!

Where I’ve Been Published

My work has appeared in the following publications:

  • Pacific Paddler - Oahu, Hawaii
    Covering Hawaii’s state team sport of outrigger canoe paddling since 1996
  • Women’s Surf Style Magazine - Oahu, Hawaii
    Covers the sport of surfing from the perspective of women; for all skill levels
  • Adventure Sports Journal (cover) - Northern California
    Northern California’s number-one resource for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel - Santa Cruz, California
    Traditional newspaper that covers local news
  • CV Weekly - Coachella Valley/Palm Springs, California
    A magazine that covers community events and news with a fresh perspective
  • The Local - Malibu, California
    A premium newsprint publication and digital media brand that tells authentic stories of an iconic coastal town through the eyes and voices of the community
  • O’Chea Fashion Boutique - San Diego, California
    A women’s boutique clothing store in Lemon Grove, San Diego
  • Desert Magazine - Palm Springs, California
    Covers local news with an eye toward sustainable and eco-conscious living
  • Desert Outlook Magazine - Palm Springs, California
    Covers local LGBT news

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