Feeling Blessed

So here I am sitting out on my back porch eating breakfast as I watch the kitties and Mr. Pepper play.

Nothing brings me more joy than to watch everyone get along.

No matter what's going on in my day, I make sure to eat out here every morning, unless there's a thunderstrom, and even then, it's still possible.


I live on a 1/4 acre lot with a pool, more than enough room for the critters to play.

I cant help to think of the  events that have taken place over the past two weeks.

A singer gets shot and killed by a crazed fan, a self hating Muslim shoots up a gay bar, an actor killed by his defective vehicle.

Wasn't there a time when there was a little more peace and love in the world ?

Wasn't there a time when an obcessed fan just used to sit and cry in a corner over their love and affection for a star?

Wasn't there a time when a religious freak just used to go to their church or Mosque and pray the gay away ?

Wasn't there a time when American products used to work for years without incident ?

It seems today we have to worry about everything.

The news is full of hateful Donald trump trying to take over the world, and build walls around the United States to keep people out. Doesn't he realize that can work both ways.

Isn't he also trying to keep people in ???

No matter who gets elected, my life is not going to change. I won't ley any leader change the way I live or do things.

I feel so blessed every day to live where I live, to have the friends that I do, and to know that in one way or another, I AM making a difference, even if it's in little ways.

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