Another beautiful day in the desert.

Good Morning and Happy Thursday !

No matter what's going on in the world or in my life, I always wake up in a pretty good mood.

The morning starts out with letting the critters out for their morning running around time.

The temperature outside has been  between 113 to 122 degrees  so I let them play for as long as I can before it gets too hot and I get them  in the air conditioned house.

A few of the kitties love to stay out and hang out by the pool or under the patio furniture. It's impossible to get them in so I make sure they have plenty of food and water.


It's another beautiful day in the desert. 82 divine degrees at 8 a.m.. If the weather would stay like this it would be perfect. 

I  go to the gym, and then help my friend Stephen Caro with his new thrift store ( Paws Pet Pet Ranch Second Chance Mercantile, opening soon ) in downtown Palm Springs.

He has put me in charge of getting the store ready even though I have never worked in retail, and thanks to my friends Brenda Lynn Martin and Tiffany, for helping me to get things organized and staged.

The space isn't huge, but were going to make good use of it, so if you have anything to donate, please let me know. 100% of ALL proceeds will go to Paws Pet Ranch.

9 a.m., and the temperature has climbed to 90 degrees. Local weather is forcast to be around 108 today. Better than 120. I heard it was 165 in the middle east a few days ago. I feel sorry for them. When they 

come to a place like Palm Springs, it must be chilly.

I'll let the critters stay out for a bit longer then get ready to go.

I think I'm going to enjoy this reatil job, it's another adventure in my life. Plus, I like helping Steve. And it makes me feel good that it's ALL going back to the critters.

I'll keep you updated on our progress so you can come and bring me a chocolate shake or in this case, a tall glass of water with ice !




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