Change is Good

The friends that I had drifted away because I was working alot and never had time to accept their invitations to get together.
The lesbian community is also very cliquey and I don't have time for cliques. I like all kinds of people and would always find it strange that one group would never want to get together with another.
Let's just say, I didn't find friendships that were very authentic.
The things I missed about Santa Cruz could never be brought back.
Back in the day when I had family, life was a constant party. There was time to enjoy the ocean, tourists and housing developers weren't infiltrating every inch of free space, you could buy a house for a decent price, AND you could get across town in five minutes.
Now there's an 'entitled' vibe there.
If you're not grandfathered in, you're SOL on trying to buy a home, or get a decent job unless you're working in the family business that was established 100 years ago.
I remember having to go back after about a month of being in the desert, and thinking, "What a depressing place."
I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, and after 50 years, it only took me a month to get rid of all the junk that I had collected over the past 30 years, sell my house and get the hell out.
I remember my realtor telling me what my house was selling for, and the cash offer I got way over the asking price.
I was shocked.

My ex partner and I had a bought a house here a few years before so I could retire, and I thought, " It's time." meridia without prescription

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